Associating various gemstones with specific horoscope signs and months of the years is a reasonably fresh phenomenon which has been accepted by all astrological divisions. Astrology experts have this view that diamonds directly impact our luck given that they emit vibrations of various ranges, that are received by our planets as well as birth constellations. This hypothesis has led to the introduction of gemology-a relatively recent branch of astrology that deals with study regarding different gemstones and how they must be utilized by folks to acquire positive results from their store. This report contains interesting facts concerning Emerald, the universally recommended birthstone for May month.

About Emerald:

People born in the zodiac constellation of Taurus (from April 19th to May 20th) should wear Emerald since it is believed to bring best of luck, opportunities as well as a promising future on their behalf. The stone is assigned to success, youth and perception.

History & Origin:

The state May birthstone has a very interesting story behind its event. The word Emerald was produced from an old Greek word referred to as Smaragdus, meaning green. The stone was first extracted from the mines of Old Egypt in 330 BC. Green color implies characteristics like belief, luck, revival, regeneration, patience and natural power. Thus, the stone derived its name for the unique color. Because of each one of these properties associated with the gem, without doubt, gifts made of emerald are given to a couple on their own 55th anniversary.

Qualities of the Stone:

This unique May birth stone belongs to the group of beryl gemstones which is closely related to aquamarine stone, on account of similar arrangements. Although its parent mineral (beryl) is transparent nevertheless, existence of chromium impurities inside it lends a unique green shade to emerald. Emeralds, that are dark green in color are more expensive and have higher market values.

Even though Emerald was probably the most valued of all stones within the Incan, Roman and Ancient Egyptian Cultures however the stones dating back to 4000 BC were dull green in color therefore they weren\’t as costly because the present day gems.

The state May birthstone color is green as this shade is often related to spring season. Since the stone has a greenish blue luster present in its center so that it was selected because the official gem stone for Taurus. In addition to the conventional teal and olive colors, emeralds are also available in greenish blue and red shades. Red-colored emeralds are rarest and most expensive of all being that they are hard to find or extract. Therefore, ornaments using red gems aren\’t easily available on the market.

In current time, the traditional May birthstone is distributed from Brazil, Madagascar, Zambia, Zimbabwe, North Carolina, Usa, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan and Ural Mountains of Euro country. Some mineralogists acquired synthetic emeralds (with similar chemical compositions) in laboratories nonetheless variations in inclusions and hardness differentiated them from the natural ones.

Astrological Importance:

The stone is assigned to properties like tranquility, mental peace and clairvoyance. Mercury is the ruling planet of emerald along with Taurus and bull is the designated May birth symbol for these zodiac. Since mercury is assigned to linguistic qualities hence, wearing emerald items boosts linguistic abilities and oration skills in the native. This stone is helpful for those who will work in the field of writing, argumentative business, speech, media, editing, posting, democratic dealing, public relations, marketing, acting, engineering, astrology, sports, insurance, accountancy, arts or postal services.

These gemstones were said to promote love, contentment and natural healing in a person. It is often linked with regeneration of life consequently mummies from ancient Egypt were hidden with emeralds in their tombs. While the Greeks used emeralds like a tribute to Aphrodite, the goddess of affection, ancient Romans however, used the stone to promote love, faith, commitment, fertility, beauty and positive feelings in the native. The gem has the ability for stopping eye diseases and is believed to bring calmness and strength towards the eyes of the beholder. Probably for this reason the great Emperor Nero possessed emerald eyeglasses.

Therapeutic Capabilities:

This excellent Taurus birthstone is also associated with memory, loyalty, friendship and close associations. Most importantly, they used the therapeutic powers of emeralds to cure memory or head related problems and eyesight, spinal or fertility issues. The gemstone enhances mental abilities of the user, control internal bleeding, calm anxiety attacks, reduce the intensity of epileptic seizures and check the start of fever. Additionally, it may heal monotony, depressive disorders, headaches, agitation, idleness, lack of focus, serious bowel illnesses, sexual disorders and rheumatic diseases.

Benefits of The Stone:

Emerald has been said to bring power, success, luck and fame to the native. It induces diplomatic quality, enhances their oration skills and turns pale as a warning of incoming dangers. Thus it is used for rejecting evil thoughts or recognizing a bad omen. Sages and priests of higher rank use emerald because it rids their mind of repulsive ideas, calms their thinking, balances their energy chakras, offers mental serenity, maintains chastity, increases their ability of concentration helping them execute meditation for very long hours. Students can use this gem to do well in their exams while entrepreneurs can wear it to see honest business operations, obtain profits and keep a great market status. The gem creates positive ideas from the native, provides them positive life force, strengthens the coordination between brain, lungs and tongue as well as pushes them to act on their thoughts.


Emerald is specifically intended for Taurus natives hence it shouldn\’t be used as Gemini birthstone. Using a flawed stone or wearing emerald without astrological suggestion may induce depressive disorders and hamper the mental abilities of the native. Also, users can purchase a lustrous, rich green, spot free, clear, smooth and glowing stone. Before purchasing the stone, one must consult a specialist astrologer or take a look at cosmic guides to understand more about birthstone for May.

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