badgley-mischka-dress-dublinIf you have an important event, or another special occasion that requires you to dress well, then you will have probably been looking at buying a top-end dress (with a high price tag attached to it). However, there is now a much more affordable option if you life in Dublin, Ireland. You can now use in order to find and hire the most elegant dresses, by the best designers.

Couture For Hire has been created as an online business, so you are able to hire top of the range fashion, and couture dresses, without paying the regularly hefty price tags. For many women, such dresses would be outside their price range, but this concept allows anyone to dress like a celebrity.

If you take advantage of this business concept, you can always wear the latest fashions for your special event. For example, dresses that cost hundreds of Euros (to buy) can now be hired for as little as €60. This represents a huge benefit to the customers, as the business takes on all of the risk.

You may wonder, how the dresses can be hired for a such low price. This is accomplished as the company is able to maximize their buying power. This is something that most individuals would not be able to do. As such, the savings can be passed on to you, and you can look fabulous for a fraction of the cost.

As well as being an online service, there is also a local boutique that you can visit, browse and select the dresses you like. The new boutique has just been opened on Duke Street – just 25 yards from Grafton Street. If you are local to this area, then be sure to drop in.

You will be interested to know that this type of online service and local boutique is one of the first in Ireland that has the range of designer dresses. For example, they are able to stock a range from Roberto Cavailli, Valentino, Marchesa, Herve Leger, Badgley Mischka, Terani, Jovani. This the just the tip of iceberg, and there are also many others.

Who is the service ideal for? – If you are going to attend a wedding, a graduate ceremony, a special birthday (such as an 18th, 21st or 40th) or going to a special ball, then you are well suited to this service, as you need to dress well, and have a sense of glamor and sophistication (while retaining the modern look).

You should aim to try the dress on and make a booking at least fourteen days before the day you require it. This will give you the best chance to secure the dress that you really want, as they can be sought after. However, there are plenty of sizes stocked, which is a unique factor to Couture For Hire.

Summary – if you are looking for a sense of glamor and want to wear a modern, but high priced dress, then get in contact with Copy Cat