Grace Monaco-sleepwearMuse La Belle (found online at is a brand of high quality, luxury sleepwear. The company’s ideology stems from the notion that the beauty of women is always to be celebrated. You should always be able to look and feel your best, a feat in which Muse La Belle’s gorgeous sleep and pyjama party wear can readily assist.

Muse La Belle is the project of Sylwia Kamiska (Creative Director) and Izabela Chudzicka (Sales Director) Kaminska’s studies at the London College of Fashion and the Grafton Academy of Dressmaking and Celebrity Design and helped lead to her work with Poland’s Vanilla Fashion Group and textile contracts all throughout Europe. Sylwias past collections available at Chudzicka’s 2001 move to Ireland opened up various new opportunities for her, not the least of which was becoming the country’s first Polish television presenter (on Oto Polska) and major media figure. The pair have a keen love for fashion, and with Muse La Belle they have come together to create something truly special.

Muse La Belle is heavily inspired by the glamor of the Golden Age of Hollywood but also has a powerful bit of modern sensibility thrown in. Their primary product range is the Muse La Belle Goddess Collection. This line (which features the likes of gowns, camisole and shorts sets, basques, and other sleepwear/pyjama party wear) is full of nods to some of the most memorable Hollywood icons, including Audrey Hepburn, Dorothy Dandridge, Elizabeth Taylor, Faye Donaway, Grace Kelly, Jayne Mansfield, Marilyn Monroe, and Rita Hayworth. There are plenty of options to choose from, all of which are a perfect synthesis of classic beauty, high end luxury, and modern fashion.

Aside from the gorgeous aesthetics, the production of Muse La Belle’s sleepwear is also well worthy of admiration. All materials used in the Goddess Collection are of the top of their class. Whether it is the pyjamas made of 100 percent pure silk, the imported 100 percent aqua satin gowns, or the basques made of 100 percent polyester, it is clear that there are no cost cutting measures or shortcuts taken. The Muse La Belle name is synonymous with quality, and each piece turns out as functional and comfortable as it is beautiful.

At its core, the Muse La Belle collection of couture quality night gowns, body shaping basques, and pyjama party wear is all about maintaining a fulfilling and luxurious lifestyle. Muse La Belle is so much more than your typical nightwear: it is a full embrace and celebration of feminine beauty and sensuality and can allow you to get more in touch and confident in that of your own. With Muse La Belle’s stylish and forward thinking Goddess Collection, you can put the idea of being stuck in boring old “run of the mill” bedtime apparel far behind you and revel in the realization that your beauty has no bounds.

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