Renovating your bathroom can be very exciting and also stressful at the same time. Deciding on the colours to have it painted and the tiles to have can be a daunting task. This becomes harder especially if your bathroom is small. The tile choice can either make or break your ideal design. Settling on the bathroom tiles to use will make your process smoother. Below are some of the tips on how you can use these tiles to create a massive impression on your small bathroom.

Go For Small Scale Tiles To Make Your Bathroom Appear Bigger.

You should use small-sized tiles to make your small bathroom look bigger than it is. They trick your eyes to make you think that the place is massive. Using big tiles will make it look congested and smaller. They seem out of place making your bathroom look funny. Opt for the smaller pieces to make it look elegant and spectacular while still being functional.

Use Patterned Tiles To Add Depth To The Bathroom.

Why opt for boring looking tiles when you can play around with patterns. These will show your personality and how bold you are. Having a small bathroom should not stop you from having the look you have designed in your head. You should select something that is smaller to add some depth and make the area look longer. Play around with patterns and choose one that speaks to you. You should ensure that you also keep the colours within the same neutral tones to give it a cohesive look with the floor.

Try White Tiles.

White is always right when it comes to small bathrooms. It helps especially where there is a lack of enough space and natural light which will keep the bathroom pale. Having white tiles will add some simplicity but in a spectacular way. It will make the room feel warm and not unfriendly. You could combine two tiles of the same design but different sizes to add some edge. You could then add some pop of colour by using colourful accessories in there.

Save The More Expensive Tiles For Small Details.

You do not have to break the bank because you are renovating your bathroom. Choose tiles that you can afford and use the expensive ones on the small details instead of the whole room. Do not go out of the budget that you had planned for. Be disciplined and stick to it. Do not go for marble tiles for the whole bathroom if it exceeds your budget. You could decide to use them as a backsplash for a shower shelf, or they could be used to cover the floor of the shower. These show that less is more and that you can achieve the same results by using other means to get the end goal.

Having a small bathroom is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of and make it unique. With the above tips on using bathroom tiles, you are on your way to choosing the ideal design to work for you.